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Stuart Brown

Agriculture consultant skilled in the design and delivery of innovative agricultural solutions across a wide domain including small holder farming systems to large scale assessments of private sector projects. A proven record in farming systems research, agricultural modelling, agribusiness planning, tropical agronomy and ICT for agriculture for up to 17 years in Australia and the South East Asia region.

Effective at building culturally diverse teams with a focused strategy for delivering novel outcomes to projects. Client centred with a wide network of associates and alliances within the South East Asian region. Skills include:

·       Crop, Pasture and Horticulture agronomy

·       ICT for agriculture

·       Commodity value chain analysis

·       Agriculture project management

·       Agricultural feasibility studies

·       Spatial analysis – geographic information

·       Soil science: sampling and interpretation

·       Locally appropriate farming systems

·       Sustainable agriculture implementation

·       Agricultural systems monitoring

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