ICT Agriculture

ICT in agriculture is an emerging area in Cambodia due to the rapidly improving and expanding telecommunication networks. Access to mobile devices has also increased dramatically with a an ever increasing devices having the ability to use the Khmer font.

One of the areas I have been researching recently has been the use of ICT in the agricultural sector. Somewhat surprisingly there have been only a limited number of active initiatives that are operational and have been considered a “success”. Some initiatives are still in development and any indicators of success are still to be determined.

ICT agriculture

Two initiatives I have developed include a rice pest and disease identification tool for rice in the Khmer language for an Australian funded development agency, and a rice production advisory tool in cooperation with SNV, iDE, the Cambodian government and Grameen-Intel.

Contact me if you want to know more about these initiatives or hear about the review of ICT in agriculture in Cambodia.

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